Not getting your message across? Struggling to explain complex material? Dealing with difficult issues or full-blown crises? Or just short-handed getting a leaflet written?

Drop me a line.  I’m Stephen Cox, a successful communications consultant, and I’m here to help you.

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I’ve run communications for four national organisations, including twelve years at Great Ormond Street Hospital and its fundraising charity.  I’ve often been first in role or brought in to tackle specific challenges.

I’ve shown a solid track record of success – setting strategy, building teams, and working with CEOs and Boards on their objectives.

I’ve also worked in small community organisations and branches, often as a volunteer.  So, I understand small organisations and small budgets.

I’m passionate about accuracy, ethics, and results.  I tick the creative box too, with a novel out shortly and a second to follow.

Talk to me about your needs.  I can do a maternity cover, offer a plan of support, or just a day’s work at a time.  Drop me a line, no obligation, and no salesman will call.

I’m a member of my professional body, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.